Ceramic coatings for Vintage and Classic Cars

Ceramic ewxhaust coatings for classic Aston Martin
   Ceramic Exhaust Coating - Classic E-Type Jaguar

Unwanted heat can be one of the biggest problems for enthusiasts wanting to enjoy their classic car motoring. Modern fuels and engine modifications result in higher combustion temperatures, and todays traffic can lead to yet higher underbonnet temperatures. Our plasma-sprayed ceramic coatings are formulated to help solve the issue of excess heat.  


Our exhaust/manifold coatings offer the following benefits:

  • An appropriate period look in many cases matching a factory or custom finish with >15 colours to choose from (including white).
  • A robust fit-and-forget coating protecting components against corrosion and eliminating the need for unsightly exhaust wrap.

  • Significantly lower exhaust temperatures - reduced by ~33%.

  • Reduced heat losses from the exhaust resulting in lower underbonnet temperatures - typically ~30oC for classic car applications.

  • Protection for vulnerable components close to the exhaust; protecting paintwork and increasing the life of underbonnet components such as: electrics; starter motor; alternator; battery; distributor; hoses; rubber bushes, etc.

  • Improved engine performance and reliability. Lower underbonnet temperatures help avoid fuel evaporation and problems with hot starts, whilst lower air intake temperatures lead to increased engine power and fuel economy.

  • Reduced heat soak through footwells, bulkheads, etc. so drivers are potentially cooler, more comfortable, and more able to concentrate.

Customers should note that coating samples are available to help you choose your colour.


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