A key part of Zircotec's business is the fabrication of components from a range of different ceramic materials by similar techniques to those used for our ceramic coatings. We manufacture a range of components such as:

  • High temperature Ceramic Crucibles

  • Ceramic Filters, eg. for use in gas detectors.

  • Ceramic Furnace Components such as ceramic tubes.

  • High temperature ceramic Susceptor Tubes for use in optical fibre production.

  • Ceramic components for their combined Electrical and Thermal Insulation
Ceramic Tubes

We are able to manufacture ceramic components ranging from just a few millimeters in size up to components that are more than 1 metre long. As an example of our capabilities:

  • We manufacture a significant number of ceramic filters that are only circa 10mm dia.

  • We regularly manufacture high purity zirconia ceramic tubes that are more than 200mm dia. and over 1 metre long with a wall thickness of just a fraction of 1mm (and in some cases we are called upon to manufacture tubes where one is a sliding fit within another, see above photo).

Our processes allow us to achieve extremely tight dimensional tolerances, and by controlling the plasma-spray environment and feedstock we are able to maintain a very tight control on the chemical composition of the ceramic. We have facilities to machine ceramic components after plasma-spraying, and also processes by which we are able to clean finished ceramic components to further reduce any risk of residual chemical contamination.


Zircotec has the technology and know how to be able to fabricate some extremely complex ceramic structures. To do this we use an automated robotic plasma-spray facility, and, depending upon the component being fabricated, we are able to use a combination of both sacrificial and permanent formers/dies on which the ceramic coating is deposited.


We are of course always interested in identifying possible new applications for our ceramic fabrication technology. Please feel free to contact us if you think you might have a need for our expertise.


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