We are increasingly being asked to supply coatings for a range of Aerospace and Marine applications. Our key product offerings are:

  • Zircotec® thermal barrier coatings
  • ZircoFlex® foil - our flexible ceramic heat shield material
  • Zircotec® carbon composite coatings
  • Anti-wear coating for carbon composites
  • Specialist surface preparations and coatings

Thermal barrier coatings

Our ThermoHold® based ceramic coatings have been developed to significantly reduce heat transfer, providing lightweight and easily packaged coatings to reduce heat loss from hot components.

Performance WhiteTM delivers the ultimate in thermal barrier performance. It has quickly become the mainstay of Zircotec's offering to motorsport, and is now used in a broad range of other applications. Click here for further details of our entire range of automotive coatings, all of which have applications beyond the automotive sector.


ZircoFlex® Foil - Our flexible ceramic heat shield material

ZircoFlex® is our revolutionary flexible ceramic heat shield material, offering superb thermal barrier performance at minimal weight (0.46kg/m2) and minimal thickness (0.25mm) . The material is produced as a thin aluminium backed foil that is shipped in the form of a roll.

Typical applications for ZircoFlex® include:

  • Protection of heat sensitive components and structures from local heat sources.
  • The insulation of pipework and structures to reduce heat loss.
  • Reduction of heat soak.
  • Fire protection.

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Zircotec® Carbon Composite Coatings

We have developed a range of coatings that are plasma sprayed onto carbon composite (and some plastics) to provide protection from radiant heat or hot gas, offer fire resistance, and protect against delamination and resin melt. Additionally, we can apply a heat-reflective coating for extra protection against radiant heat. Adopted widely in F1 motorsport, and with patents pending, our technology is attracting significant interest from other industries where carbon composite is used.



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Anti-Wear Coating for Carbon Composites


A further derivative of our carbon composite coating technology is a product that provides physical protection for the surface of carbon composite components, helping to prevent damage from wear, abrasion, stone chips, etc. to vulnerable components.

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Specialist Surface Preparations & Coatings

Under construction.