Our Products

Zircotec has developed a range of coatings to protect components from the effects of heat, wear and corrosion. With our own highly optimised plasma-spray process, our products are unique and are only offered by Zircotec. Our key products are as outlined below:


Ceramic exhaust coating products

Full details of our full exhaust coating range can be accessed via a single summary page (click here) or by following the links below.


Our ThermoHold® based Performance WhiteTM exhaust coating has been developed to significantly reduce heat transfer, delivering the ultimate in thermal barrier performance for a range of applications. As an exhaust coating it as become the mainstay of Zircotec's offering to motorsport, but is also used for a broad range of other automotive applications. More> 


Other derivatives of our ThermoHold® based ceramic exhaust coating technology include;

- Our Performance ColoursTM Range: which offers numerous different exhaust coating colour options. More>


- Our Primary RangeTM offers a lower cost ceramic coating with only slightly reduced performance compared to our other exhaust coatings. More>



 Ceramic coating for exhaust tailpipes, tail trims & finishers

Our ceramic coating range specifically for tailpipe applications. These coatings are an extension of our Performance ColoursTM  exhaust coating range, offering a surface finish and texture that is robust and easily maintained. More>


 Matching ceramic coating for other engine compartment parts and surfaces

We have developed a coloured ceramic coating range for use on other engine compartment surfaces and components to match the colour and surface finish of our range of ceramic exhaust coatings. Used to improve engine compartment appearance and style with the option of a truely customised finish. More>


Our flexible ceramic heatshield material

ZircoFlex® is a revolutionary flexible ceramic heat shield material, offering superb thermal barrier performance at minimal weight and minimal thickness. It is supplied in a number of different formats/sizes, details of which can be accessed via a single summary page (click here) or via the following links.


can be purchased via our Online Shop or from a number of different distributors.


ZircoFlex Foil




Carbon Composite Coating


We have developed a range of coatings that are plasma sprayed onto carbon composite (and some plastics) to provide protection from heat, offer fire resistance, and protect against delamination and resin melt. Additionally, we can apply a heat-reflective coating for extra protection against radiant heat, or we can apply coatings that are resistant to wear, abrasion and stone chips. Adopted widely in F1, and with patents pending, our technology is attracting significant interest from other industries. Click here for more details of our Carbon Composite Coating.



Zircotec has the technology and know how to be able to manufacture some extremely complex ceramic structures. To do this we use an automated robotic plasma-spray facility, and, depending upon the component being fabricated, we use a combination of both sacrificial and permanent formers/dies on which the ceramic coating is deposited. An example of how we use this expertise is our manufacture of ultra high purity ceramic furnace linings (Susceptor Tubes) for the optical fibre industry. Click here for further details of our ceramic fabrication capability.