Style RangeTM - Coloured coatings that match our exhaust coatings


Style Range coating for a Cam Cover

  Zircotec coated Cam Cover

Zircotec has developed a range of coloured ceramic coatings for use on engine compartment surfaces and components to match the colour and surface finish of our range of ceramic exhaust coatings. Customers can now select a finish to either match or contrast with their chosen exhaust coating and have it applied to components such as cam/rocker covers, inlet manifolds, heat shields, etc. (irrespective of whether they are new or used). These coatings are offered only for their aesthetics and are not intended to provide any thermal barrier benefit. They can be used to improve the overall appearance of any engine compartment and offer customers the option of creating a truly customised finish.


We currently offer coloured coatings that match the colour and surface finish of our Performance ColoursTM exhaust coatings. We have called this our Style RangeTM.


Wide range of colour options available - click on each image for a larger view


Solid BlackTM


Metallic BlackTM

Alaskan Blue

Alaskan BlueTM

Warm GreyTM


Antique SilverTM

Sterling SilverTM


Chilled RedTM

 Yellow Gold

Yellow GoldTM



Aqua GreenTM

Fern GreenTM

Aged BrownTM

Ultra BlueTM


 Coloured Ceramic coating samples to help customers select their exhaust coating

Having difficulty choosing the finish for a particular project? You can now buy samples with the knowledge that the cost of your purchase (up to 3 samples) will be refunded against your coating order.


Please be aware that colours may appear slightly different on screen to how they appear in real life.