Liquid BlackTM - our new enamel-like ceramic exhaust coating


Classic car manifold coating
  Gloss black vitreous enamel like exhaust coating

Zircotec has developed Liquid BlackTM - a new enamel-like ceramic coating that offers a superb black gloss appearance coupled with significant levels of underbonnet heat management. The coating simulates the original factory finish required by may classic car enthusiasts including the "vitreous enamel" finish applied to many Jaguar manifolds.


Our Liquid BlackTM coating offers the following benefits:

  • A highly attractive finish - replicating the original factory finish required by many classic car enthusiasts. The coating appeals to both concourse and driver enthusiast alike, whatever the marque. 
  • A robust fit-and-forget coating - with a tough long lasting black enamel-like finish that is in effect "welded" to the exhaust manifold using our proprietary plasma-sprayed ThermoHold® based technology. 
  • High levels of durability - Liquid BlackTM solves long standing durability issues associated with factory fitted enamel finishes. Suitable for cast manifold applications of up to 600oC (1,112oF) surface temperature, the coating has been tested to a simulated 100,000 miles of use.
  • Ultra high level of thermal performance - reducing heat loss from the exhaust manifold resulting in much lower underbonnet temperatures. Manifold surface temperature reductions of ~33% are typical.
  • Protection for vulnerable components close to the exhaust - protecting paintwork and increasing the life of underbonnet components.
  • Improved engine performance and reliability. Lower underbonnet temperatures help avoid fuel evaporation and problems with hot starts.

  • Reduced heat soak through footwells, bulkheads, etc. so drivers are potentially cooler, more comfortable, and more able to concentrate.

  • Highly efficient yet lightweight - only 0.3mm thick (0.012" thick).

  • 3-year product guarantee - this coating is covered by our comprehensive 3-year product guarantee irrespective of whether we coat your manifold when it is new or used. We even offer this level of guarantee when we coat your original classic car manifold (read more). 

This finish is currently only available for cast manifolds and not for replacement tubular systems. If you do have a tubular system then see our Performance ColoursTM Range.


See our our process video for an insight into our ceramic coating technology and application process.


Unable to decide on your finish? - You can now purchase a small sample of this coating with the knowledge that the cost of your purchase (up to 3 samples) will be refunded against your coating order.