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Zircotec is continually finding new applications for its high temperature coatings, heat barriers and thermal management services.  Please find all the latest news about new developments and events that Zircotec is attending...

Iconic Grand Prix legend to feature on our stand at 2015 Autosport International

18th December 2014

An iconic Maserati 250F, complete with Zircotec ceramic coated exhaust system, is set to grace Zircotec's stand at the Autosport International Engineering Show in January 2015.



Visitors to the UK's most prestigious motorsport show will now have the opportunity to get up close to a Grand Prix legend at this year's Autosport International. Following the presentation of a Le Mans Ferrari 458 in 2014, coatings specialists Zircotec will be displaying one of the most iconic Grand Prix racing cars ever produced.  Courtesy of Nick Mason and Ten Tenths, a long term Zircotec customer, Zircotec will exhibit a Maserati 250F equipped with its ThermoHold® coating on Stand E962. This 1957 car, like many race cars of the period, spent time in South America equipped with a V8 engine before returning to Europe and today competes in historic motorsport. 



Once voted as the ‘Greatest Racing Race Car ever', the 250F is an archetypal front-engined Grand Prix car from the 1950s, driven by greats such as Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss. "Our thermal barrier coating on the Maserati 250F demonstrates how modern technology, used on today's F1 cars, can also offer a subtle and effective solution to manage heat in historic motorsport." says Terry Graham, managing director at Zircotec." 



   Zircotec coated Maserati 250F
   Iconic Maserati 250F complete with Zircotec ceramic coated exhaust system
 Zircotec will also be displaying a full range of performance plasma sprayed ceramic and metallic coatings, designed to manage heat, used across a range of motorsport disciplines including: F1, Moto2, WRC, NASCAR, GT, BTCC Short Circuit and, as demonstrated by the 250F, in Historic Motorsport too. The full range of ZircoFlex® and new ZircoFlex FORM heatshield products will also be on hand.

Zircotec attends Motorcycle Live show

22nd November 2014


Motorcycle Live the UK's largest motorcycle show and Zircotec is showing our full range of ceramic coatings and heat shields at the event. The show is being held at the NEC Birmingham, commences Saturday 22nd November and runs until Sunday 30th. Zircotec is exhibiting from stand 4C45. 


The Endurance Range of ceramic coatings debuted at last year's show and will again feature on the stand. The Endurance Range was developed especially for motorcycles providing ceramic coatings with an extremely robust yet attractive choice of three colours.


   Zircotec shows ceramic coatings at 2014 motorcycle live

Our ceramic coatings for motorcycles offer protection from corrosion for exhaust systems and significantly reduce the surface temperatures of coated products. The coatings can be especially beneficial where a bike has a tight routed exhaust system running close to suspension or tight to the machine's bodywork helping to prevent heat damage to bodywork panels or damping 'fade' in the rear shock through overheating.

The Endurance Range has been extensively road tested through extreme weather conditions and is highly resistant to stone chippings, road salt and a wide range of typical automotive oils and fluids. In most circumstances a quick blast with a jet wash cleans the surface off leaving it looking as good as new.


Zircotec can be found in Hall 4 Stand 4C45


Zircotec to debut new structural heatshield at Cologne show

31st October 2014


The 2014 Professional Motorsport World Expo will see Zircotec debut its first ever ‘structural' ZircoFlex® FORM heatshield.


The new, more rigid hybrid composite and stainless steel heatshield will enable engineers to benefit from Zircotec's ceramic coating protection together with the strength and ability to form structures.


The show will run from the 13th to the 15th of November and Zircotec is exhibiting from stand 4010.

  ZircoFlex FORM structural heatshield


The first ZircoFlex® FORM prototypes have been designed to protect drivers and componentry from conductive and reflective heat issues, whilst offering higher levels of thermal protection than existing pressed aluminium and stainless steel products. "Zircotec plan to launch in the coming months a number of hybrid derivatives, each able to solve multiple heat issues including both reflective and conductive sources, providing a compelling mix of strength, weight, structure and heat resistance," says Zircotec's sales director Peter Whyman. "In addition to the heat benefits, initial testing suggests that a variant of FORM can provide acoustic damping that may appeal to endurance racers in GT/ VLN etc. where noise can contribute to fatigue."


Zircotec is finalising development of ZircoFlex® FORM but was keen that engineers attending PMW could get a chance to inspect the prototypes first-hand to see how Zircotec is able to offer a ceramic/stainless steel hybrid that can be bent, cut and formed to shape. "We are already fixing appointments with engineers to ‘have a play' and to understand how we can provide higher levels of protection without a package or weight penalty.


In addition to the new product, Zircotec is exhibiting the full range of existing technologies including composite, exhaust and turbo coatings as well as technologies to solve specific issues such as electromagnetic compatibility. "2014 has been our busiest year to date with a rise in activity in F1 as well as growth in both road car, motorsport and motorcycle sectors," adds Whyman. "Ceramic coating is now a trusted technology in road cars and with expansion at our factory, capacity has risen and volume manufacturing, even for composite coating, has become more attainable."


The Professional Motorsports Show is being held at the Koelnmesse which is located on Messeplatz Cologne. The show will run from Thursday 13th November through to Saturday 15th and Zircotec can be found on stand number 4010.


Moto2 team & rider world championships won by Zircotec partner

28th October 2014


The Marc VDS team, Zircotec's Moto2 technical partners, is celebrating a double victory after clinching the rider's championship at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia last weekend and the team championship the previous weekend at the Japanese GP at Twin Ring Motegi. With Rabat's teammate Mika Kallio appearing on course to take a well deserved second place in the rider's championship the season is looking like a resounding success for the team.


The team is already planning for next year with a full MotoGP team entered on a Honda RCV213V prototype machine which will be ridden by former team member Scott Redding from the UK.

   Marc VDS Moto2 GP bike with Zircotec coating


Marc VDS Racing based in Gosselies, Belgium has been working with Zircotec for the last two seasons providing valuable data to feed back into the Zircotec development program. Direct comparative testing carried out by the team has shown that the coated exhaust systems are running at up to 55% lower temperatures than the same uncoated pipes.


Since commencing work with Marc VDS, Zircotec has seen the launch of a new range of ceramic coatings aimed specifically at the motorcycle market. The Endurance RangeTM was launched in November 2012 at the Motorcycle Live show and has been a huge success since its introduction

   Tito Rabat wins World Championship for Zircotec partners Marc VDS


Tito Rabat's third place finish in Sunday's Malaysian GP in the incredible heat and humidity of Sepang sealed his first Moto2 World Championship. After setting the pole position during Saturday's qualifying it was all set out for the Spaniard to make a good start. Rabat did not disappoint and set off into the lead from the very start. Rabat played safe and with ten laps remaining he eased off his pace and finished the race comfortably in the final rostrum position and taking his and the team's first World title.

Teammate Mika Kallio finished one place ahead of Rabat in the race taking the second slot o the podium. The Finnish rider is determined to take the second place in the championship and his 10th podium finish of the season places him 15 points ahead of the nearest rival Maverick Vignales with two races left to run.

New Zircotec coating preventing EMI wins industry award

25th October 2014

Zircotec's work in developing a new plasma-sprayed coating that paves the way for increasing the use of lighter and more efficient materials in electronic applications has been recognised by the industry.


It has just been announced that the coating has received the 2014 Innovation in Materials Award from the trade body for the UK composites industry, Composites UK. Zircotec's durable coating offers a considerably lighter solution than resorting to metal shields to protect the rising number of electronic systems housed in composite enclosures from electromagnetic interference (EMI).


Zircotec will be presented with the award at a ceremony to be held at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham on November 11th.


   Zircotec ceramic coating prevents EMI & wins award

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can interrupt or degrade signals of transmitted data. Issues range from being simply a nuisance through to catastrophic failure that mandates legislation in sectors including automotive, aerospace and defence. With a rising number of engineers looking to make use of the lighter weight properties of composites in such applications, Zircotec's coating offers a robust solution without adding the weight penalty of using metal shields.


"The judges recognised the technical excellence behind the innovation along with the benefits the product will bring to both the composites industry and end-user sectors," says Dr Sue Haliwell, Operations Manager at Composites UK. "Engineers want to use composites for housing electronics but their poor EMC performance has held this back and having to add a metal shield takes away all the weight advantages," says Zircotec's Managing Director Terry Graham. "Zircotec's range of plasma-sprayed coatings now offers electronics engineers a solution to minimise EMI and can be applied to composites, both thermosetting and thermoplastic components such as junction boxes and interface units. The material is highly durable and chemically resistant. As a coating it takes up considerably less space, another advantage sought in the high performance applications now turning to composites."


Zircotec's EMC coating is already in use within motorsport, driven by a surge in electric hybrid powertrains, and is likely to transfer to similar applications within the automotive sector. The Abingdon based firm is now discussing applications for the new coating in future defence, aerospace and marine applications with projects set to start in the next 12 months.

Goodwood Revival sees Zircotec coated classics compete

15th September 2014


Last weekend saw the World famous Goodwood Revival where priceless classic and sports racing cars compete at the timewarp venue.


With a warm weekend gratefully received by the massive crow that turned out for the event once again and cars pushed well beyond levels they ever were in period, the need for Zircotec's products to manage the effects of heat on these irreplaceable vehicles was as high as it has ever been.

  Nick Mason's Zircotec coated Ferrari 250 GTO

One of the many cars at the event relying on Zircotec is Nick Mason’s Ferrari 250 GTO, competing in the headlining TT Celebration. The car has both ZircoFlex® and ThermoHold® technology to prevent the star drivers from suffering from the effects of heat in the long distance race.  You can read more about our work with Nick Mason’s Ten Tenths team here.


There were also many more cars using Zircotec technology in the saloon car and Shelby Cup V8 races where Zircotec customers Mike Jordan of the BTCC champions and Zircotec partners Pirtek Honda and Josh Sadler of Autofarm took part.


Mike Jordan owns a fantastic original Ford GT40 which he uses to compate in classic GT racing. The GT40 beefits from being equipped with Zircotec to help keep things running cool and to prevent overheating. Josh Sadler's Autofarm have an enviable reputation as the UK's foremost Porsche specialists. Josh and his team regularly come to Zircotec for our ceramic coatings to maintain the performance and prevent heat damage of the classic 911s and other wonderful models from the classic German marque that they look after and restore.  

Zircotec's coatings are now afloat

8th August 2014


Zircotec's thermal management solutions are now providing a much needed heat reduction for one of a new breed of racing super powerboat. The huge power output of the dual engines had until, the arrival of the Zircotec ceramic coating, been producing an incredible amount of power-sapping heat. Not any more


Most people know that Zircotec is a leader in thermal barrier technology on the road and track but did you know we can also protect on water too? Thanks to the use of a Zircotec proprietary ceramic thermal barrier coating, 2010 FIA F2 series victor, GP3 race winner and 2012 P1 SuperStock UK Powerboat Champion Dean Stoneman has solved heat-related issues on his self-built, XRS48-based superboat. The composite hull packed with powerful engines created heat management issues that Zircotec was able to solve.


With over 1000bhp from the two 6.7-litre FPT 560 turbo diesel engines heat was always an issue, exacerbated by the tight packaging necessary for the streamlined hull. What's more, due to the sheer heat, routine maintenance out at sea, or between runs was difficult for the professional race driver.

  Powerboat with Zircotec ceramic coating
   Twin 6.7 litre turbo engines with Zircotec ceramic coatings

Remembering Zircotec from his race time, Dean turned to Zircotec to solve the heat issue. To reduce the surface temperature, and heat soak, Zircotec plasma sprayed the two large exhaust manifolds with its ThermoHold® based ceramic coating.


The results have been as spectacular as the boat itself. Since having the manifolds ceramic-coated the engine compartment temperature has been reduced by as much as 20 percent. There is more too; the engines are running more efficiently too and power doesn't fall off when it gets hot. Also, because the manifolds are much cooler, the waiting time for maintenance work has been halved.


So wherever you have a heat issue - on land, sea or air, please contact Zircotec to see if we can help you.

JMW get more power for Austrian ELMS round

18th July 2014

This weekend sees the Zircotec sponsored Ferrari 458 of JMW Motorsport compete in the third round of the Euro Le Mans Series in Austria.


The European Le Mans Series (ELMS) arrives at the Red Bull Ring this weekend for the third round of the championship. There have been minor tweaks to Balance of Performance regs since the last round that means the JMW Ferrari 458 Italia of the JMW Motorsport team will be able to fit smaller engine restrictors along with all other 458s in the series.

   Zircotec equipped JMW Ferrari 458 at Le Mans

The smaller restrictors should boost the cars power output making it even more competitive. Of course, increased performance also brings with it increased heat which is why JMW work with Zircotec to provide heat management solutions.


The JMW Ferrari already features the highly effective ZircoFlex® heatshield which makes a huge contribution to keeping the drivers compartment much cooler than otherwise. It has been extensively tested and provided up to 85% better performance than its competitors.


The 458 Italia also features our Performance White ceramic coating. The coating keeps more heat in the manifold helping to move the gas more quickly and contributing to lower temperatures in the engine bay. Lower engine bay temperatures means less conductive heat to impact driver performance during a gruelling endurance race.


We are also reliably told by another of our Technical Partner race teams using Performance White on their manifolds that the coated manifold provides a noticeably crisper response in 'back to back' tests with non coated manifolds.


The Red Bull Ring at the small town of Spielberg just outside Zeltweg in Austria has changed names several times since its formation. It has previously been called the Österreichring and the A1 Ring and it is also the home of the Austrian F1 GP and the Austrian MotoGP round.


Because of its location winding around a valley and the way it passes through sections of dense trees weather can play an important part in how any races pan-out there much as at Spa. This despite how much shorter it is than the Belgian circuit. It could prove to be an interesting race.