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Zircotec Provides Thermal Barrier Solutions for Wheels

The world's first, totally electronic street race category, Formula E, is breaking boundaries in the Motorsport world with it’s raw electric power and advanced technical capabilities.   With genuine competition between drivers, the 2017/2018 championship is set to be an exciting competition for the Motorsport industry and fans alike. The vehicle specifications are limited to [...]

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Zircotec Group Acquires Performance 1 Coatings

Acquisition of Performance 1 Coatings provides a one-stop-shop for ceramic coatings, from aesthetic-protection to premium thermal barrier coatings Performance 1 Coatings (P1C), the exhaust coating and thermal management specialist popular with tuners and the performance aftermarket, has been acquired by Zircotec Group. The takeover, which includes 100% of the P1C business, widens the breadth [...]

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Carbon Composite Coatings within Motorsport

Composite Coatings Zircotec, over the years, have developed their coating processes to allow for composite materials to receive the same performance enhancing benefits as other materials have.  Therefore allowing the most prestigious categories of Motorsport to continue their efforts to reduce weight, whilst increasing the durability of parts in high temperature environments; something that [...]

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Performance Coatings for Performance Cars

Modifying vehicles is becoming increasingly popular, resulting in a common theme of increased under-bonnet temperatures - temperatures that these unmodified vehicles were not designed to reach.  Luckily, there are many means to combat these temperatures.  Our technique just happens to also result in a fantastic looking finish like no other. The Performance coatings are plasma-sprayed [...]

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What is Plasma Spraying?

If you are a regular visitor to the website, or have even just visited our “processes” page one time, you may be aware that we apply our thermal barrier application via a plasma-spray process. Which sounds pretty cool, but I was made aware yesterday that not everyone knows what that actually means and why it [...]

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Time Attack Championship 2017

A massive problem in most motorsport categories is under bonnet temperature, and this year's Time Attack Championship is no different.  Zircotec have worked with numerous teams throughout this season, including the top 2 teams in Club 2WD and the number 1 ranked team in Club Pro Class. Neil Wrenn, who is currently 2nd in [...]

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